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Saber® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (ATPPK)

Amsoil SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (ATPPK)

Product Highlights

Designed for pre-mix applications as lean as 100:1 ratios or richer. Improves throttle response and lowers or eliminates smoke. Minimizes deposit formation and lowers emissions. Performance emphasis on hand-held power equipment such as chainsaws and lawn/utility equipment.


While two-stroke engines are widely used in handheld power equipment due to their high power-to-weight ratio, equipment owners and operators are faced with exhaust smoke, the task of properly mixing oil and gas for different equipment manufacturers, and premature wear and engine failure. AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil effectively addresses these issues and more. Specially formulated for pre-mix, air-cooled applications, it withstands high heat and stress to protect engines against wear and harmful deposits. SABER Professional offers outstanding protection and performance at lean mix ratios referred to as the SABER Ratio™. Using the SABER Ratio eliminates the need for mixing different ratios for different equipment, while smoke is virtually undetectable. With AMSOIL SABER Professional, there is no compromise. It saves time and money while delivering the ultimate convenience and engine protection.

AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil has been providing improved performance and protection in two-stroke engines since 1973. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL, The First in Synthetics®, to do the best job protecting your engine.

Package Sizes (ATPPK)

ATPPK (ATPPK-EA)1.5 OZ. PackEach
ATPPK (ATPPK-CA)1.5 OZ. PackCase of 48
ATPPK1G (ATPPK1G-CA)GallonCase of 4
ATPPK30 (ATPPK30-EA)30-Gallon DrumEach
ATPPK55 (ATPPK55-EA)55-Gallon DrumEach

Engine Protection

SABER Professional has been tested and proven to provide premium protection and performance at 100:1 mix ratios. It is recommended for any mix ratio up to 100:1. When tested at half the treat rate for conventional oils (100:1 vs. 50:1), SABER Professional easily passed the industry-standard lubricity test. SABER Professional is designed for hot-operating two-stroke engines, effectively fighting carbon/deposit formation and preventing ring sticking.

Smokeless Operation

SABER Professional's synthetic formulation burns clean, passing the industry-standard smoke test at the standard rich mix ratio. When mixed at the SABER Ratio, smoke is virtually undetectable. Equipment operators subjected to smoke and fumes benefit from these low-emission properties.

Fuel Stabilization

SABER Professional provides the additional benefit of fuel stabilization to help prevent fuel from deteriorating during storage and causing poor engine performance. There is no need to add an additional fuel stabilizer when putting equipment into seasonal storage.

Excellent lubricity and cleanliness properties

  • Controls friction and helps prevent wear, plug fouling, ring sticking and exhaust port blocking
  • Smokeless – delivers fewer emissions at 80:1 and 100:1 mix ratios.
  • Stabilizes fuel for off-season storage
  • Delivers outstanding protection and performance at lean mix ratios
  • Anti-rust formulation counteracts the damp environments often encountered in two-stroke applications


SABER Professional is specifically designed for handheld pre-mix two-stroke power equipment including, but not limited to, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, brush cutters, edgers and shredder vacs.

Use at conventional mix ratios or the SABER® Ratio™, regardless of the mix ratio specified for the equipment. For maximum benefit, use the SABER Ratio.

Conventional32:14.0 ounces1 Gallon
Conventional40:13.2 ounces1 Gallon
Conventional50:12.6 ounces1 Gallon
Saber® Ratio™80:11.6 ounces1 Gallon
Saber® Ratio™100:11.3 ounces1 Gallon

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Amsoil Injector Oil
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D445)6.4
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D445)29.9
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)174
Pour Point °C (°F) (ASTM D97)-56 (-69)
Flash Point °C (°F) (ASTM D92)102 (216)
Fire Point °C (°F) (ASTM D92102 (216)

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