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5W-30 (DHD)

Amsoil Signature Series 5W-30 Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil (DHD)

Product Information

Protect your investment in diesel power and confidently extend drain intervals with our top-grade synthetic diesel oil. AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil (DHD) delivers 6X better wear protection than required by the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for Specification DFS 93K222. Advanced synthetic technology provides excellent viscosity control and outstanding extreme-temperature performance, while minimizing oil consumption. The result: protection that’s boosted to the max.

Package Sizes (DHD)

DHDQT (DHDQT-CA)QuartCase of 12
DHD1G (DHD1G-EA)GallonEach
DHD1G (DHD1G-CA)GallonCase of 4
DHDTP (DHDTP-EA)2.5-GallonEach
DHDTP (DHDTP-CA)2.5-GallonCase of 2
DHD30 (DHD30-EA)30-Gallon DrumEach
DHD55 (DHD55-EA)55-Gallon DrumEach
DHD27 (DHD27-EA)275-Gallon ToteEach

Maximum Engine Protection

Wear on rings and cylinder liners leads to increased oil consumption and loss of compression, resulting in reduced horsepower and fuel economy. Independent testing shows AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty delivers 6X more wear protection than required by the Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test for Specification DFS 93K222, delivering the security of providing your diesel the extra protection it deserves.

Viscosity Control

Using top-tier synthetic base oils, AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty is naturally resistant to oxidation and the thickening effects of soot contamination. That, along with boosted detergent/dispersant additives, keeps soot particles suspended independently, helping prevent the formation of larger, wear-causing particles. Viscosity increase is minimized and soot-related wear is controlled. Lower volatility also helps Signature Series Max-Duty retain its viscosity after high-temperature service for maximum engine protection and efficiency.

Excels in Extreme Temperatures

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil (DHD) resists thermal (heat) breakdown better than conventional and competing synthetic diesel oils. Unlike conventional oils, Signature Series contains no wax, staying fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier starting, improved oil flow and reduced wear. Signature Series 5W-30 (DHD) has a broad viscosity range that offers 4X better cold-cranking ability than a 5W-30, making it excellent for use in both hot-operating engines and cold-weather starting extremes.

Minimizes Oil Consumption

AMSOIL Signature Series Max-Duty 5W-30 Synthetic Diesel Oil (DHD) has a low rate of volatility (burn-off), reducing oil consumption during operation and passing less oil vapor into the combustion chamber. It provides up to 76 percent less oil consumption than required by the API CK-4 standard in the Caterpillar-1N oil consumption test.

Detroit Diesel DD13 Scuffing Test

API CK-4 Oil Consumption Test


Use in diesel engines and, where appropriate, gasoline engines requiring any of the following specifications:

  • API CK-4/SN, CJ-4, CI-4+, CF
  • Volvo VDS4.5, VDS4, VDS3
  • Mack EOS-4.5, EO-O
  • Renault RLD-4, RLD-3
  • Cummins CES20086, CES20081
  • Caterpillar ECF-2, ECF-3, ECF-1-a
  • DDC 93K218, 93K215, 93K214
  • DFS 93K222
  • ACEA E9, E7
  • ACEA E6
  • MB 228.31
  • MB 228.51
  • MAN 3575
  • MAN 3677
  • MTU Type 2.1, II, I
  • MTU Type 3.1
  • JASO DH-2
  • Deutz DQC III-10LA
  • Scania LA-2
  • Chrysler MS 10902
  • Deutz DQC IV-10LA


AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil (DHD) is compatible with other conventional and synthetic engine oils. Mixing AMSOIL diesel oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil’s life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits. AMSOIL does not support extended drain intervals where oils have been mixed.

Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils.


  • Diesel Engine Service Life: Heavy-Duty On-/Off-Road: Three times (3X) OEM1 recommendation, not to exceed 60,000 miles/600 hours or one year, whichever comes first.
  • Turbodiesel Pickup: Two times (2X) OEM1 recommendation, not to exceed 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.
  • Diesel Engine Service Life: Two times (2X) OEM1 recommendation, not to exceed 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.
  • Drain intervals may be extended further with oil analysis.

1Refer to your owner’s manual for OEM drain interval recommendations and guidelines for severe and normal service.

Note: Extended drain intervals are not recommended for performance-modified engines, when using biofuels containing more than 10 percent ethanol or 15 percent biodiesel (B15) or for 2007-2009 Caterpillar* C13 and C15 on-highway engines. Extend drain intervals beyond OEM recommendations in these instances only with oil analysis. Note: 2007-2010 Dodge**, Ford** and GM** turbodiesel pickups are also not recommended for extended drain intervals when using DHD.

AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Diesel Oil
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt (ASTM D445)12.0
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D445)72.3
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)162
CCS Viscosity @ °C, cP (ASTM D5293)5384 (-30)
Pour Point, °C (°F) (ASTM D97)-43 (-45)
NOACK Volatility, % weight loss (g/100g) (ASTM D5800)8.6
High-Temperature/High-Shear Viscosity, cP (ASTM D5481)4.2
Total Base Number (ASTM D2896)10.1
Sulfated Ash Content, wt. %0.91

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